Thursday, November 27, 2014

Exuma Island Bahamas

Dear Friends, On July 23rd,2014 I began a fact finding mission to the historical island called "Exuma"in the Bahamas. Exuma is not just one island, but 367 islands in total.These islands are beautiful,I will try to explain but you must visit in order to experience these beautiful islands for yourselves. Another reason for my visit was a trip to my grandfather' birth place.My grandfather on my mother's side, Elias Bodie was born in the Hermitage Exuma in 1888. The surrounding waters are light green, light blue and dark blue hues.These are the same beautiful seas that the Astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Others saw from Space during the Moon Travel. The original name for the island is "Yuma", a name given by the early inhabitants, Arawak Indians who settled there in the year circa 500 AD.American Loyalists were given land grants.They along with their slaves were the first English Settlers to arrive in 1783. Lord Denys Rolle was also a Grant Recepient and when he died, his son Lord John Rolle inherited his land grant and slaves. I could find no records to show that the "Rolles" lived on Exuma, so I am thinking that perhaps the slaves were sent there.Two settlements bear their names "Rolleville" and "Rolle Town". There are three daily flights to Exuma out of Nassau on the National Flag Carrier, Bahamas Air, 6:00 AM, 12:30 PM and 6:00 PM:also,there are Passenger Boats for your sailing pleasure: "The Motor Vessel Captain C", "Bahamas Ferries",etc. In addition to many choices of hotels such as the "Grand Isle Resort", Condos, Villas and Apartments, there is an exciting night life.Whether renting a car, taking a taxi or tours, you will enjoy fine dining,good communications,telephone, internet and cable:International flights out of Canada and the United States at your service. If you are interested in this Island, Real Estate or Property purchase, email,

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