Saturday, October 8, 2011

Controlling Your Mind

Dear Friends,
This might surprise you but'an idle mind is the Devil's work shop"Let's talk about this. Do you know that if you don't control your mind and keep your thoughts in order, your mind can and will kill you.

What is the dictionary definition of the 'mind".
1. It is your ability to be aware of things and to think and reason.
2. The ability to concentrate,and stay attentive.

3. Memory,opinions,sickness, wellness, joy, sadness, and many more are controlled by the Mind.

I believe that in order to have a long,healthy, and prosperous life you must speak directly to one thing that controls your life, that is the "Mind".

The Mind has a good connection to all of the parts of your body,and speaks to them as I am speaking to you. The Mind sends them signals of Pain and other illness and discomforts.
The Mind blocks your creativity, and can bring on tiredness, depression, and lack of interest.

When you are asleep, the Mind is partly at rest in the physical body, but is sometimes very alert in your dreams, playing back scenes of your life that sometimes spans many,many years or recent activities
such as scenes from a Horror movie you saw last night.It is like a Computer, it saves information.

I believe that the cure for all of this Authority and control on our lives is to stay active, and creative.DO NOT ACCEPT, sickness and poverty and all the other "stuff".
When you are being "attacked' by your mind, simply say " I am not going there today". Think right, be happy.

Friday, September 9, 2011

More Than Sun, Sand, and Sea

The Bahamas was once marketed as a Country of Sun, Sand, and Sea, but this is so outdated as every Island Nation in the Caribbean can also boast of the same beauty to it's Visitors.
Because I live in the Bahamas, I can tell you that this country called the Bahamas is different from any other Country on the face of God's Earth.It is a Country where you
can find:
Love,Yes in the quietness of your Heart as you walk alone along a deserted beach, you can reflect on love for God, Family, a Spouse/Interest.

Peace, Yes you will find Peace in these Islands far from the "Hustle and Bustle" of the City.
Happiness, yes happy and refreshed you will be when you return to your home to pack your belongings and return to enjoy the good life.
So, Love, Peace, and Happiness will replace, Sun, Sand, and Sea,

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Joys of Writing

Twisting and struggling like a fish caught on a Fisherman's hook, I was drowning in a sea of "Writer's Blocks", "Rejections", and "Procrastinations". I plucked the last page of my latest Novel from my ancient typewriter, crushed it into a tiny ball and threw it across the room. The ball landed in the waste basket near the door. Thoughts of throwing my typewriter into the waste basket next, crowded my mind but instead, I bowed my head and prayed, "Please God, help me to overcome my past writing mistakes and find the Joys of Writing in my part of the World, The Bahama Islands.

Before my prayers were finished, I saw them, hundreds of butterflies clinging to the blossoms of a "Strong Bark Tree" in my front yard. The butterflies stood motionless on the dew laden blossoms as they sucked the sweet Nectar in contentment.

As I moved closer, the sweet fragrance from the blossoms made me realize that this was the real reason why the butterflies had come to my tree. "The Strong Bark",
or " Strong Back Tree" as it is sometimes called by Bahamians is a valuable tree to have in your garden. Although it flourishes and grow in the "wilds', it is very valuable to many Bahamians. The leaves when brewed make an excellent tea. The berries are bright orange, when ripe, soft and semi sweet to the taste. The tree grows deep into the soil, and is so strong that it refuses to fall, even in Hurricanes. I thought, how sad it was that new or foreign land owners were not aware of the significance of these trees, and were cutting them down. I knew at that moment that the historical "Strong Bark" trees would slowly disappear from the Bahamian landscape.

But, these fragile butterflies had come to escape the cold harsh winter and had traveled thousands of miles up from South America to Eleuthera, Bahamas. They had come to show me a lesson about determination.

To be continued in the soon to be published book "In Search of Bahamian
and American History"
by Vera Chase

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Birds Brought Beautiful Flowers

Who would think that Birds can create a garden? Well, this is exactly what happened
along the Beach in Balara Bay Eleuthera,Bahamas

The wild flowers were so beautiful in a kaleidoscope of colors, as far as my eyes could see. They presented a picture of peace and beauty against the white sand the sea. As I gathered them in my arms, and I could smell the tantalizing fragrance, I fell in love with the though of all of these flowers belonging to only me.

I sat among the flowers everyday, but wondered who planted them and if the answer is "no one",then where did they come from. I pulled the "roots" from the soil only to discover that they grew in shallow soil in the sand. So, maybe the seeds were washed up on the beach, I thought, but No, because such radiant beauties would not survive in Salt water.

So, I kept the mystery of the "Beach Garden" to myself until a few years ago, I ran into an old friend and he explained. He saw the same flowers growing in Canada, and the birds who lived there must have brought the seeds on their feet. Yes, my friends these migratory birds had flown thousands of miles to spend the Winter on Eleuthera, and I guess other parts of the Bahamas.
This was true, because I saw some of the same wild flowers on the Montague Beach in Nassau, recently. I stared at them for a long time knowing that the secret of their existence lies with me and my friend. Now with you.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Truly Bahamian Dish

Bahamians have a talent for cooking which have been passed down from generation to generation. On some Islands, there might be slight changes in the ingredients, but the recipe and it's name remains the same. A favorite dish is "Boiled Fish" served with hot home made bread and butter or "Johnny Cake". This "Johnny cake" is also bread, which is made without yeast.The correct name is actually "Journey Cake" because it will last longer and was used by Family Island Passengers as they Journeyed by Mail boats from Island to Island. These trips took weeks, so on board "Journey/Johnny cake" was served.

Grouper is the most popular fish for "Boiling". Bahamians are "Masters" at cooking the "Flaky, White, Tender Fish", so mild to the taste, so healthy for eating.

1. 2 pounds Grouper Fish
2. Salt and Peppers to taste
3. 2 table spoons Butter or cooking oil
3. 1 Medium Hot Pepper (Optional)
4. Juice of 2 Limes/Lemons
7. One large Onion chopped
8. 1+1/2 cups of water
9. 1. Table spoon All Spice (Optional)

Wash Fish, and cut into 3 inch pieces, sprinkle with salt, place in a covered pot. Add the juice of 1 lemon , other ingredients, and water.When the fish is partly cooked, diced white potatoes may be added. Watch the boiling process to ensure that potatoes and fish are not over cooked.

When serving, place the juice of the remaining lemon,pepper, and salt on the table for those who might want additional seasoning.

Cooked yellow grits, and a ripe Avocado would make this a truly Bahamian dish. Try it.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Holes are Mysterious Places

Some folks like the excitement of City Life, but I like the simple things, walking along the Beach, looking for sea shells, watching the waves come in on a deserted beach, in Nassau, Cat Island, Abaco, or Eleuthera Islands.

My excitement will heighten if I had company, especially a male friend who has the same interests. But, my story for you is my first trip to a "Blue Hole". What are "Blue Holes"? They are inland bodies of Water that connect to the Ocean. Yes, this means that if you fall into a blue hole, your body might be found in open sea many miles away.>
The Blue Hole in Rock Sound Eleuthera is as big as a Foot Ball field. The Water is teeming with many kinds of fish, Snappers, Grunts, Angel Fish, etc and even Turtles. They swim in abundance because they are protected by Law. They cannot be caught for any reasons. The Rock Sound Blue Hole is set in a tropical garden, with benches so you can sit and reflect.

Blue Holes are all over the Bahamas and hold many historical information about land formation, kinds of animals, plants, and birds that existed in the Bahamas hundreds of years ago.

My visit to the Blue Holes in Orange Creek Cat Island was interesting and scary. We decided to
investigate the area with friends. As we approached , we could see the beauty of the deep blue waters which seemed to be beckoning us to come closer. The nearby trees stood tall as if in protection of this area.Clothes lines were tied to the trees because long time ago, women brought clothes to wash in the water and dry them on the clothes lines.

On this particular day, I saw butterflies, flying across and stopping for a sip. Also, turtles, and fish swam to the service. God Knows where they came from because the Blue Holes are like bottomless pits.

I was afraid and walked far away from the edge, because I knew that if I fell in, it will take a fearless swimmer to save me Flowering Plants thrive in the moist soil, but if I was a deep sea diver, I would explore the depths and the under sea caves below.

Blue Holes on Abaco and Andros Islands were featured on National Geographic some months ago.