Friday, January 28, 2011

Blue Holes are Mysterious Places

Some folks like the excitement of City Life, but I like the simple things, walking along the Beach, looking for sea shells, watching the waves come in on a deserted beach, in Nassau, Cat Island, Abaco, or Eleuthera Islands.

My excitement will heighten if I had company, especially a male friend who has the same interests. But, my story for you is my first trip to a "Blue Hole". What are "Blue Holes"? They are inland bodies of Water that connect to the Ocean. Yes, this means that if you fall into a blue hole, your body might be found in open sea many miles away.>
The Blue Hole in Rock Sound Eleuthera is as big as a Foot Ball field. The Water is teeming with many kinds of fish, Snappers, Grunts, Angel Fish, etc and even Turtles. They swim in abundance because they are protected by Law. They cannot be caught for any reasons. The Rock Sound Blue Hole is set in a tropical garden, with benches so you can sit and reflect.

Blue Holes are all over the Bahamas and hold many historical information about land formation, kinds of animals, plants, and birds that existed in the Bahamas hundreds of years ago.

My visit to the Blue Holes in Orange Creek Cat Island was interesting and scary. We decided to
investigate the area with friends. As we approached , we could see the beauty of the deep blue waters which seemed to be beckoning us to come closer. The nearby trees stood tall as if in protection of this area.Clothes lines were tied to the trees because long time ago, women brought clothes to wash in the water and dry them on the clothes lines.

On this particular day, I saw butterflies, flying across and stopping for a sip. Also, turtles, and fish swam to the service. God Knows where they came from because the Blue Holes are like bottomless pits.

I was afraid and walked far away from the edge, because I knew that if I fell in, it will take a fearless swimmer to save me Flowering Plants thrive in the moist soil, but if I was a deep sea diver, I would explore the depths and the under sea caves below.

Blue Holes on Abaco and Andros Islands were featured on National Geographic some months ago.

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