Saturday, October 8, 2011

Controlling Your Mind

Dear Friends,
This might surprise you but'an idle mind is the Devil's work shop"Let's talk about this. Do you know that if you don't control your mind and keep your thoughts in order, your mind can and will kill you.

What is the dictionary definition of the 'mind".
1. It is your ability to be aware of things and to think and reason.
2. The ability to concentrate,and stay attentive.

3. Memory,opinions,sickness, wellness, joy, sadness, and many more are controlled by the Mind.

I believe that in order to have a long,healthy, and prosperous life you must speak directly to one thing that controls your life, that is the "Mind".

The Mind has a good connection to all of the parts of your body,and speaks to them as I am speaking to you. The Mind sends them signals of Pain and other illness and discomforts.
The Mind blocks your creativity, and can bring on tiredness, depression, and lack of interest.

When you are asleep, the Mind is partly at rest in the physical body, but is sometimes very alert in your dreams, playing back scenes of your life that sometimes spans many,many years or recent activities
such as scenes from a Horror movie you saw last night.It is like a Computer, it saves information.

I believe that the cure for all of this Authority and control on our lives is to stay active, and creative.DO NOT ACCEPT, sickness and poverty and all the other "stuff".
When you are being "attacked' by your mind, simply say " I am not going there today". Think right, be happy.